About Us


The Millsberry Kids’ World is an international pre-school for children up to the age of five plus. We offer children the opportunity to learn various social academic and fun-filled environment. We offer the parents the chance to see their children happy and well taken care of. Our goal is to provide children foundation for proper growth and the opportunity to develop self-confidence through active discovery of the world. We do not compromise quality service to profit. We provide a support system rather than act as mere surrogate parents. Our books and doors are always open to all parents whose suggestions and support will help us to grow.

Our Objective

The aim of The Millsberry Kids’ World is:

  • To provide pre-school education by implementation of Integrated Teaching Methodology based on Early Childhood Education System & Montessori teaching Methodology
  • To provide a proper ambiance for children to socialize in
  • To provide a safe, secure, stimulating and challenging environment that is conducive to the development of healthy and happy children
  • To prepare children to adjust themselves to primary schools
  • To stimulate growth in a creative environment conducive to their own individuality
  • To give children the opportunity to participate in an inclusive environment of mutual sharing and support
  • To promote team spirit in game and work
  • To supervise and encourage positive attitudes in addition to good behaviour.
  • To help children become more self-confident and to develop their self-respect.
  • To educate them to share and participate in various social and cultural activities.


The centre has a four member advisory committee composed of distinguished personalities as well as subject matters experts in education and social science. We thank them for being available to the centre to watch and warn, to advise on and guide that help us in taking care of your children.


The staff of the Millsberry Kids’ World is most carefully selected. Workers assist this team of qualified professionals whose role is to provide children with age-appropriate activities within a secure, loving, and safe environment. The staff team represents a broad range of cultural backgrounds and fosters a collaborative approach when planning for individual children by establishing a two-way communication with parents and guardians. The background of the staff ranges from child educators, qualified childcare workers and university graduates with overseas qualifications in higher education. The experience of working with children for individual staff members ranges on an average from five to ten years in the field.

Age group Children Staff
Up to 2 yrs 4 1
2 to 5 yrs 6 1
However the Millsberry Kids’ World aim is always to provide a higher staff: child ratio. We also have a number of regular casual relief staff and part-time staff. In addition to our Child Care Staff we also have a Cleaner, Handyperson and Gardener.


Dear Parents,

We are delighted that you are considering an education for your child at Mills Berry International Pre-school. Thanks to your suggestions and support, Mills Berry is a highly regarded and exclusive pre-school in Nepal. We are glad to communicate that starting this session Mills Berry will be upgraded to the elementary level (class 1, 2 and onward).

We know that choosing a right school can be a challenging decision for every parent. You have probably read countless articles on the importance of early childhood education and social experiences. Everyday we at Mills Berry dedicate ourselves to the promise that our school is the best possible for children in their formative years.
As a part of your selection process, we would like to invite you and your child to visit our school and experience an environment that is designed to bring out the best in young learners of today. The meticulously nurtured learning environment is stress free and fear free. At our school, students are encouraged to persist in their quest for learning and acquire the skills to excel in this information driven, globalized world.

Our project-based learning techniques are comprehensive and aim to develop all aspects of a child’s early education. Our teaching methods are learner centric and cater for the holistic development of your child. Besides this, we encourage our students to learn in their own unique mix of Visual, Auditory, Tactile and Kinesthetic ways. While every student follows the general curriculum, he or she is also actively encouraged to develop talents and interests unique to him or her.

Both scholastic and sports activities in our school are designed in such a way that they broaden the opportunities for students to develop their talent, hone life skills and challenge themselves to develop interests in new areas. Participation in these activities will boost their self-confidence and enhance self-esteem. These activities also foster positive relationship with peers, teachers, administrators and the community.

We offer a variety of well-designed programs to enhance your child’s social, cognitive, and motor development skills. Our enrichment programs include the following activities: dance, music, story-telling, indoor and outdoor games, sand/water games, free games, dramatic, easel and chalk drawing, painting, plastering, gardening, rhymes, alphabets, numbers, language development, movies, practical life exercises, field trips, birthday celebration, traditional and fancy dress day, colours day and so on.

To take a closer look, please reserve a school tour by contacting the school. If you have already visited the school and have any doubts, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to receiving your child into our care and sharing the experience of the wonderful years of your child with you.