The Curriculum at The Millsberry Kids’ World is designed to help children learn at their own pace and develop intellectually and physically to the fullest extent. We offer a variety of facilities to stimulate learning through play.
Classroom space for each age group is controlled in order to provide flexibility for small and large group activities. Throughout the year, children also enjoy outdoor games. A large sandbar and a climbing structure are managed in the yard. Each child has a chance to test his or her physical limits in a safe and protected environment. And, to top it all, in the fall semester we offer a swimming session at the sports complex pool.

Educational Program

  • Learning
  • Outdoor Games
  • Indoor Games
  • Computer

Rest and Recreation Program

  • Napping
  • Educational Tour
  • Recreational Tour
  • Entertainment
  • Meditation
  • Exercise

Practical Programs

  • Family value
  • Preparation of Food
  • Dinning Adequate
  • Cleaning Process, etc.

Curriculum Under Three’s

Children normally follow a pattern of development for particular skills, although individual rates of development may vary, which is why written observations are taken of every child.
Within this program the types of experiences are therefore varied i.e., encouraging children to reach, stand and walk to drawing (scribbling) and recognizing objects in picture books.
The three learning areas, which are taken into consideration for the program are – the psycho-social self, the physical self and the thinking and communicating self.

Over Three’s (3-5 years)

The program available to these children is again developed from written observations. From this information, teaching staff determine how they can enhance the development of each child as an individual as well as within a group.
The curriculum framework’s learning areas include – Self and Social Development; Arts and Creativity; Communication and Language; Design and Technology; Diversity; Health and Physical Development; Understanding our World which are used to promote interactive learning; foster the individual child’s construction of knowledge; and develop children’s positive feelings of self-worth.
As children learn through play, the experience offered inside and outside are varied – this includes art and craft activities, construction sets, block play, stories, drawing, throwing and kicking balls, puzzles, dramatic play and singing.